Tuesday, July 14

Hard or fast?

Eliane commented on my post yesterday asking whether I prefer hard or fast strokes. Having just experienced both in the less than 24 hours, it was timely for me to think about it and decide.

In a punishment with a finite number of strokes, like the 300, fast can be very good. Yes it hurts a lot and is impossible to process or breathe but it's over quickly. But in a scene where you don't know how many you're getting, fast strokes can be horrendous. All burn and no hope of when it's going to be over. Like the birching from HH, delivered so quickly and not knowing how many I was getting made it almost unbearable.

The other problem with fast strokes is the near certainty of a mishit. No matter how good the top is, it's hard to be 100% accurate, especially if the bottom is wriggling.

But mostly I dislike fast strokes cos I can't be brave. I can't hold my position and I certainly can't stop yelping and crying out. It takes control away from me completely and as with the other day, I end up in a heap on the floor. Dignified it is not. (So it's probably a more effective punishment!)

So I guess I prefer slow strokes more. Easier to deal with the pain and get into a rhythm and headspace. But of course slow strokes, particularly cane strokes, can be delivered much harder. And as I discovered the other day a fiendish top like Abel, likes to try (and succeeds) in placing every stroke on top of the other, making it excruciatingly painful. Not to mention the pausing in between allows each stroke to reach a crest of pain that just starts to ease off before the next reignites it.

Hmmm maybe I need to think about this again. Or conduct some more empirical research.


Jessica said...

I prefer them slow but steady - like shagging I guess!

Eliane said...

Yup, slow for me as well, I cannot, cannot, cannot deal with fast, especially with canes. There's nothing more likely to make be freak out.
But all in one spot? That guy has a seriously evil streak.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, when it comes to whippy toys slow is better for accuracy and application.
Aren't Tops always evil to a degree, to their bottoms.
Do you need some help with your empirical research? :)
Warm hugs,

Angie said...

let your poor bottom heal up, then for your test, do one cheek slow, and with the same implement, one cheek fast.

MecIrlandais said...

Four hard & fast have taken my breath away in the past! So I really don't know how you got through 50.

As you couldn't keep ypur position he did not suggest you be tied down?

MarQe said...

I prefer to administer fast strokes, I love the reaction they usually cause. I have been on the recieving end also and in a masochistic way I actually prefer to take the fast ones ?

EmmaJane said...

@Jessica, I prefer the opposite with shagging ;-)

@Eliane, yes truly evil!

@Paul and ANgie, thanks for your suggestions, I'm being much more careful on which I implement (geddit??)

@Mec, I don't like being tied down during something like that

@MarQe, interesting to get the switch's perspective, thanks