Sunday, July 12

Oh the red strokes...

They say a picture paints a 1000 words, well the pictures below paint 300 strokes. A more detailed post will follow about what happened when I blithely promised to take 1 stroke of 6 particular implements for each comment I received on Friday's post.

For now I just wanted to put your minds at ease, dear readers, that your efforts were not in vain. Each and every thoughtful comment was acted upon. And to you dear selfless friends who gave up so many minutes of your day to comment again and again and again, I applaud you. Yes your 50 comments were noted and appreciated.

Abel gallantly acted upon them accordingly, with barely a murmur at having to administer all 300. Yet another selfless friend; I'm blessed to have so many.

We set the scene in a reformatory. A girl just being admitted and having to experience each of the punishment implements in turn, with the most effective being recorded and used for any misbehaviour during her stay.

After each implement Punishment Officer Jenkins wrote down how effective he thought it was and below is a transcription of that record and the corresponding picture:

Martinet whip - Moderate

Leather paddle - Moderate

Light cane - Effective

Tawse - Very effective

Irish strap - Effective

Senior cane - Extremely Effective

Recommended: Senior Cane

And when it was all over and I'd been hugged and comforted and the redness had gone down, this was the blissful state I found myself in. Thank you dear, dear readers. I look forward to returning the favour some day soon. Real soon.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so I know it's probably poor etiquette for me to perve on someone I've never met (but might do one day :) ) but - phwoar! The picture of you all curled up on the bed afterwards is so utterly delicious I think I may need to go and have a cold shower...

*blushes hugely*

Eliane said...

Now I was inclined to be sympathetic, but I have it on good authority that you were still smiling after the 300, so I'm done with the sympathy. I think we should instead give sympathy to Abel who so nobly endured 300 strokes with his hitting arm. Now that must have hurt ;-)

Master Retep said...

Well done, brave Emma (and heroic Abel). I suppose that the pictures are just to make the rest of us feel bad and share your pain.

On a related topic, are we to put 2 and 2 together and assume that Abel is a Bruce Springsteen fan?

Graham said...

Ooh, look, I think I can see my comments! ; )

Well done Emma. Aren't you glad you have such lovely, caring readers?

Angie said...

Wow! I am so impressed! Thats a lot, especially with some of those implements, I was really worried for you.

I've never had the martinet, I surprised it turned your bottom such an all over red.

Stunning pics, btw. Thank you so much for sharing.


Kami Robertson said...

I'm sure you enjoyed yourself...glad we all could have been of service :P

Did I ever mention how sick you are btw? But don't worry, you are hardly alone LOL

EmmaJane said...

Thanks guys,

@Faye, *BLUSHES* in return ;-) So looking forward to meeting you!

@Eliane, eh sympathy for Abel. That's just crazy talk!!

@Master Retep, you'd have to ask Abel that, but I'm certainly a huge fan of the Boss.

Master Retep said...

The Boss? You're Bruce Springsteens's sub?? Wow, there's a story.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, so glad that your endeavour wasn't too traumatic
Not forgetting to thank Abel for his *Heroic* efforts in delivering all 300 strokes, I hope that someone gave him appropriate aftercare.
Thanks for the photos they are great, particularly that last, a portrait of bliss.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

It is unbelievable, 300 strokes, brave girl. Thanks for the marvellous pictures

Indy said...

Oh, yes, Paul, I agree. Poor, poor Abel, suffering like that. *chokes*

Seriously, I thought the total was way too high for you to actually go through with it and am relieved to see that the damage isn't too terrible, though I suspect the bruises hadn't started to appear in force yet.

TC said...

Super pics, thanks for putting them up. And huge well done to you both on getting to the 300. You're one tough Irish cookie :)

Ernest said...

Congratulations on your courage/rashness. I went away the mrning you were due to get these, and have only just got back, or I would have sent this comment earlier. But your punishment certainly gave me something interesting to think about during my holidays!(I am nos. 45 and 46, BTW)