Saturday, July 4

Technical glitch

Watersports are certainly not amongst my list of kinks. No surprise really considering I am very squeamish about bodily fluids in general. Even the thoughts of them make me gag.

So when I dropped my phone down the toilet recently it was very reluctantly that I fished it out and threw it in the bin. If I thought I could have just flushed it away, I would have, trust me. But I have a conscience and that won out.

I quickly got set up on a temporary replacement phone. But it doesn't do half the tricks my old one did; I can just about read and send mails. Once I got over the trauma of watching my phone come to such an unfortunate end, reality hit home. What an earth was I going to do without my super fancy phone that connects me to my kinky life 24/7?

And I mean 24/7. That includes the wee hours of the morning where I wake, check my mail, read any new blog entries and then go back to sleep. Or if I've had a particularly interesting kinky dream or thought I'll write up a draft blog entry.

And during the day at work when I can grab a spare few minutes I like to catch up with all my blogs. Not being able to read my daily dose of Lowewood has been particularly upsetting this past week. How can I be kinky without my on demand kinky literature? Not to mention what I'm going to do with so many vanilla weekends away, as well as a week long vanilla holiday coming up. I'm terrified of being out of the kinky loop.

Unfortunately I've had to resign myself to going primitive for a few weeks until our mobile providers sort out the paper work and send me a new one. The only light at the end of the tunnel is that my new phone will be even more shiny and super and gimmicky and addictive. And hopefully I'll be back to 3am blogging in no time.

So do excuse any lapses in communication in the meantime. Normal service shall be resumed as soon as possible.


Eliane said...

I sympathise. My phone started failing to load the web browser a couple of days ago and I'm feeling the lack of my kinky browsing at work.

Angie said...

so sorry about your phone situation and no, this doesn't sound good. You'll be working your way up to a bad girl spanking in no time flat!

MecIrlandais said...

Just for information, had your phone ceased working or you just couldn't face using it again?

BTW, maybe you should have signed off "Normal vice shall be resumed as soon as possible"!!

Mularva is the word to verify!

Rebecca said...

Doh! I am going to get an iphone so am looking forward to the gimmickyness...hope you get your mended one soon!

EmmaJane said...

@Mec, I didn't even bother to try it so no idea if it still worked or not. So guess it was the first then!

And yes 'normal vice' is a better sign-off line, want to be my editor??