Monday, August 24


Nope not 100 strokes, 100 posts! And therefore my 100th consecutive day of posting. (Don't believe me, look at the archive counter on the right!)

I'm quite chuffed with myself. When I began this blogging lark I wasn't quite sure if I'd get past 10 such posts! While veterans of the spanking scene like The Spanking Writers, Bonnie and Todd&Suzy always seemed to blog so effortlessly, I figured it probably wasn't as easy as they made it seem.

I had so little confidence in what I was doing it took me a week to tell people I had a blog at all! I was worried I didn't write well enough or that I didn't have anything interesting to say. Or even worse that I'd only blog for a wet week before I lost the discipline to continue.

My motivations were purely to record all my new experiences. I wanted to set down what I did, who with, how I felt at the time and how I felt afterwards.

I also thought it would be a good way to track my kinky development. And even after three months I can see changes in me as a kinky person as well as what I talk about on here. I began talking of trying group play, school scenes and maybe something as adventurous as a reformatory scene. It was very much CP based. Now I'm talking of playing with Dommes and the more submissive side of BDSM play.

So I set out my blogging stall with a get out jail free card, declaring the blog was just for me and I wouldn't be posting every day and I didn't care what anyone thought of what I was doing. That was you told.

Well that lasted all of a week. I quickly came to love blogging. It's addictive and you can't shut me up. But moreover I love comments, yes my name is Emma Jane and I am a comment slut! And the more comments I get the more I want to ensure what I write is worthwhile and interesting.

I continue to spend ages writing posts, editing them over and over. Trying to get the tone right, trying to express myself properly, trying to connect with you. And although it has gotten easier, I'm still obsessive about what I write. At least for me personally though it's been worthwhile and I get a little thrill of satisfaction reading back over what I've written.

But what I wasn't at all prepared for were all the added bonuses that blogging brings. I've met lots of new people through it and it's a great way for potential play partners to get a sense of me and and understanding of where I'm coming from.

Even more importantly though, is the emotional outlet blogging provides. This thing we do can be very powerful and at times I have been thrown by the intensity of my reactions and feelings. I often use the blog to process: scenes, situations, relationships. Just the act of marshaling and describing my thoughts is so therapeutic in itself. Allowing me to analyse, rationalise, accept and move on.

So thanks to all of you who have commented and encouraged so far, and to those of you who read but don't comment go on say hi someday, I dare ya!


Haron said...

Happy anniversary! Blogging is a joy, so here's to much more of it :) *hugs*

Master Retep said...

Happy Centenary, some achievement in such a short time (my 17 in much the same period put your work intoperspective). BTW, the counter is at the top of the date list in the RIGHT margin.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, congratulations on your hundredth post, you get better and better.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

Reading your blog is first thing in the morning. Go on go on dear Emma Jane. Allways interesting

Caroline Grey said...

You are a blogging paragon. You make me extremely ashamed of myself!

I knew you'd be a natural. I'm so proud of you, and all the growth you've gone through, and the witty, articulate, and honest way you share it with all of us here. You're tops.

Julie said...

Happy Blogiversary, dear. I greatly enjoy reading your writing and thoroughly feel ashamed of myself for only posting every second, third or even fourth (gasp!) day. ;-)
I would be overjoyed to be able to dress up your blog a little to celebrate this milestone, if you would like. (Cough. I am obviously not a geek addicted to designing.)

Abel1234 said...

Congratulations on a centenary of wonderful, thoughtful, fascinating, insightful posts... You've earned your spot as the blog I look at first each morning.

Now, does reaching your 100th blog birthday earn you a birthday spanking?

Eliane said...

Congratulations on 100 posts! And I think 100 posts definintely deserves to be celebrating with 100 stroke spanking!

EmmaJane said...

Awww thanks guys, feel all warm and gooesy!

@Miss Jules, why thank you, yes please :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Emma Jane, 100 and counting. You certainly have caught the blogging bug for sure. I quite enjoyed your previous posting ‘Just One Look’ where you mentioned ‘catching the eye’ of a Domme at Nimhneach and being very attracted to playing with her. What if she were a strict schoolmistress?? Would you find it hard to resist such a woman? Would you have marched straight over and ‘reported’ to her?
I would imagine that the school role-play scenario’s should break any ice between people who love the whole school rules thing, although how such play can be recreated in a club situation is beyond me. But then again, as you know, I have not been to Nimhneach yet! …so what would I know!!
Well I’m rambling a bit now…;) Congratulations on the 100th…next stop 200….what will happen between now and then?? ….so much to look forward too…..sure life is too short don’t you think?

TC said...

Keep up the excellent work. Full marks so far girl.

MecIrlandais said...

That's me up-to-date with your blog. Shall you be keeping up the daily blog then? I notice nothing so far today!

Master Retep said...

Argh! I know you warned us but its Tuesday and I'm reduced to still reading the comments on Mondays blog. Cold turkey is no fun, please don't abandon us after luring us on 100 times - you're not supposed to be the sadistic one in this relationship.