Tuesday, August 4

Out of the closet

Ugh, I'm packing up my house and moving into a new one. Not the funnest of ways to spend a bank hol weekend!

Several lovely friends offered to help but I had to decline. (Although Lollipop did pop round with doughnuts bless her). I thought it was much safer if the vanillas don't see what exactly is hidden in my room.

The rulers and wooden spoons I could just about explain away. Possibly my whips and handcuffs and blindfolds as well. And I guess my suspenders and corsets. And probably my buzzy toys too. (Even vanilla girls have some of these, don't they?)

But the canes, paddle and tawse are much harder to justify. As is my collection of school uniforms. One for a school disco maybe; 5 different skirts/pinafores, 8 school shirts and 6 ties is a lot harder to explain.

And then there's my small (but growing) kinky library. Titles like 'Over the Knee', 'The Spanking Writers', 'Dark desires' and 'Journey of a submissive' are sure to attract attention.

So yes best that the vanillas don't help with the packing and unpacking!


Abel1234 said...

LOL our move was similar... but I had half a car-full of implement bags, and there were at least three large packing cases that we'd filled before the movers arrived to do our packing!

Methinks school ties could probably be explained - after all, 'school discos' are popular events for drunken grownups. But it's the combination of school ties, canes and buzzy toys that would arouse suspicion!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this has made me feel quite bereft in the kinky possessions department - I think I should go out right now and buy some kinky books, implemenets and various schooly garments.

Oh ok, well maybe not right now as I am still in my pyjamas...

Good luck with your move! Hope the excitement is weighing out the hassle :)


Paul said...

EmmaJane, I'm somewhat envious, you seem to have a better collection of toys than I have. LOL!!
Warm hugs,

MecIrlandais said...

I am not bereft in the spanky possessions department but maybe I need to get myself a buzzy toy!

Jessica said...

Hmmm. 2 things.

First of all, why do you get loads more bank holidays in ireland than us? Not fair!

Secondly, HWMBO and I did actually discuss that we can never move house - because of the trauma of explaining to a removal company why we have 11 school desks, 2 spanking benches, 2 blackboards, 2 BDSM frames and a framed map of the world. That's just the obvious things....

EmmaJane said...

@Jessica, LOL would love to see you try to move, be so funny when they had to pack up the playroom!!!

Master Retep said...

I know its too late now, but you could have got non-vanilla volunteers by advertising your move as a sort of meitheal munch.