Saturday, August 1

Hangover Cure

I was a lil bit naughty the other night. Actually I was a lot naughty. Went out on a school night, didn't get home until near 3am, drank an indecent amount of alcohol and was terribly hungover all day at work. That would have been ok (ish).

Except silly me decided to check and respond to a few emails before I finally closed my eyes. It certainly wasn't clever to include Abel in that correspondence and therefore alert him to the lateness of the hour or even worse, the extent of my inebriation!

And thus the next morning, through bleary eyes, I read the following note from him:
Young lady, it is evident that you stayed out far beyond your bedtime last night, and that you were drinking alcohol.

As your guardian, I have a duty to make sure you behave properly. I have to say that your conduct is quite unacceptable and cannot go unpunished.

You will go to school as usual today. When you return, you will go straight to your bedroom and wait until I am ready to deal with you.
Despite the fact I was alone, and knowing that Abel was at a very safe distance, I still blushed furiously. And I squirmed all day long. Feeling alternatively naughty, repentant and slightly defiant.

Although really I was enjoying the delicious squirmy feeling and happily let my mind wander over the various punishments I might have received...

It certainly helped distract me from the woeful hangover!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, if I remember rightly, it's been a long, long time.
Hangovers should be cosseted under a duvet in a darkened room, preferably with someone very cuddly next to you in more or less the same state.
Never ever at work, so having Abel to take your mind off your woes was a good thing.
Warm hugs,

Jessica said...

You are a bad girl! I would never never never allow myself to get hammered and send silly emails. Never!

Rebecca said...

I personally find my writing at it's most inspired after a cocktail or four...

Eliane said...

Emma Jane, I'm SO ashamed of you. I would never DREAM of staying up until 3am on a school night, or getting so drunk that the next day was torture. Or indeed send silly emails to people at silly O'Clock in the morning, copying in innocent parties.

EmmaJane said...

Hmmmm seems to be a lot of denials going on here from some individuals....!

Julie said...

My Master is able to conjure up that feeling all too well although he is thousands of miles away. Imagine me flinching and shrinking away from the computer screen. :P