Saturday, August 8

Here I go again!

I'm off again people for another weekend of play. The kinky suitcase is packed. I'm suitably apprehensive and more than a lil bit excited. Playing with HH so far has been a wonderful and usually intense experience. The scenes flow as we play against each other and I simply have no idea how I'll react. That's what makes playing with him so great. He surprises me and derails me at every turn.

But I'm extra excited this time cos I shall not be facing HH alone. I will have back up. The incorrigible Kami Robertson will also be there. I'm thrilled to think of how much trouble we'll get into. Cos Kami brings out the brat in even the most well-behaved girl. The last time we hung out we got strapped by Juliet for fighting, caned by Abel for having a water fight and severely tawsed by HH for misbehaving while out to dinner!

Still I wonder if a whole weekend of us is too much for even HH. One of us brats on her own is bad enough, but two of us plotting together can be ten times the trouble!

Anyone care to bet on the outcome? Emma Jane in tears? Kami in tears? Or HH having a nervous breakdown?!

And no, I'm not going to ask any of you to contribute to the scenes or the number of strokes. I learned that lesson the hard way!


Jessica said...

Personally, my money's on HH, knowing him as I do. Here's my book.

2-1 - both Emma and Kami in tears by Saturday night

3-1 - both Emma and Kami with bruises by Sunday

5-1 - Kami sets fire HH's house
but fire brigade get there in time.

10-1 - Kami sets fire to HH's house and fire brigade don't get there in time because HH is tied up with his own shoelaces.

20-1 - Emma Jane and Kami end up fighting and break something expensive and antique

1000-1 - Emma Jane and Kami behave and no spanking happens at all.

Eliane said...

In tears by Saturday night? That's a bit conservative of you, Jessica! My money's on Saturday lunchtime ;-)

Paul said...

EmmaJane and Kami, now there's an explosive mixture.
If what Pandora says about HH is correct, Eliane may be spot on the money.
I will watch this space with interest.
Have a great week-end.
Warm hugs,

Henry Higgins said...
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Kami Robertson said...


Jessica, you made me laugh, but I'm afraid you first two bets are very incorrect. It will all happen much sooner probably ;)

Eliane is much closer to the truth probably LOL

And I would give it - impossible for 'Emma Jane and Kami behave and no spanking happens at all.' Mostly because it hardly depend on us whether we will get spanked LOL Our behaviour can only influenced amount of it ;)

Anyway, as Emma Jane said, one brat plus one brat in that situation gives much more than two brats.

But for now Emma Jane is recovering in bed after horribly early flight so I need to entertain myself on her blog ;)

Indy said...

ROFL @ Jessica

But wait a minute! Just because HH has them in tears early doesn't mean Emma Jane and Kami won't prevail in the end. My answer is all of the above. :-)

EmmaJane said...

@Jessica, spot on with predictions 1 and 2!

@Indy we're getting there but don't think two days is enough to break him!!

Unknown said...

evens that all have lots of fun.
Enjoy your weekend Emma.