Wednesday, August 26

Naughty daydreams

My naughty daydreams in the office are always inspired by what I'm wearing and usually go like this. I have a major presentation thingy so I dress appropriately. Usually in a short (but still acceptable) dress, or skirt with a very fitted blouse. Outwardly I look like a modest young professional, dressed to impress. And if I've got my glasses on I mean to be very serious indeed.

But underneath I'll be wearing a black lace bra, lacey black panties and stockings with high heels to round the outfit off. And I delight in knowing that in one fluid movement I could be revealed as the naughty girl I am.

This feeling is even further exacerbated if it's after a recent playdate. I know that if I bend over too far or reach too high, not only will the tops of my stockings show but also the blatant stripes on my thighs and bottom!

And feeling so naughty means my mind easily wanders off into lovely daydreams. You know the ones; about being spanked in the boss's* office, strapped by the quality standards team or being caned by the chairman of the board.

Such delicious day dreams keep me well entertained during the often tedious hours of boring meetings. Although I know there are some who would feel that not paying attention in important meetings is a spankable offence all by itself...

*Except of course I'm substituting my real boss, and colleagues for infinitely more desirable types!


Eliane said...

EJ, Not paying attention in meetings in often self preservation, rather than a spankable offence, if you ask me! Though I am a master of that particular skill, years of daily transatlantic conference calls leaving me with the ability to tune out everything except the words "Eliane, did you get that?" at which point I plead bad line quality and ask them to repeat. Surely none of that is a spankable offence?!

Master Retep said...

Let's hope your real boss and colleagues do not identify themselves. They might be less than impressed at being compared to "infinitely more desirable types". You never know what sort of reprisals that could lead to at work ... Woops, I think I see an infinitely regressive loop approaching.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, daydreaming at work can be dangerous.
Specially when admiring the rear view of some luscious young thing bending down to get something from a bottom drawer.
This is, of course, from the male viewpoint.
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

@Paul That must be why its called a bottom drawer.

Indy said...

Once again, Eliane is *absolutely right.* Daydreaming in meetings is an important form of self-preservation. Especially as the nature of meetings is that those who have the least to say talk the most.