Wednesday, August 12

I told you I wasn't Fiona Locke!

Well I said it before and I'll say it again, I'm not Fiona Locke!

But I do know who is. None other than Niki Flynn, who's just come out on her blog and fessed up. As she explains herself she had lots of reasons for writing under both names.

I will admit though that I did know Niki was Fiona all along. And this idea to create mischief with guessing her identity was inspired by me telling her about some of the theories out there! I hope no-one minded the fun and I'm glad to be able to reassure you that I'm not in the habit of conducting witch hunts and trying to reveal people's identities!

Although I am an Internet stalker. Well at least I used to be before I started writing my own blog and that's mostly kept me too occupied to stalk anyone! But being the stalker I was, meant I worked out who Niki was before I met her, or HH or any of her friends.

It all began when I read Over the Knee and was surprised that Fiona didn't have an online presence. No blog and no commenting anywhere. But she was surely someone in the spanking scene. She wrote too realistically not too be. And her acknowledgements referred to people who I knew of in the scene.

Then when I went online to buy On the Bare, Fiona's second book, Amazon suggested Niki Flynn's Dances with Wolves so I ended up buying both at the same time. And reading both at the same time. In fact I read each a chapter at a time, alternating between the two books. I'm greedy like that and didn't have the patience to finish one over the other!

And my mind whirled. Similar writing styles. Almost the same acknowledgements. Then I went to Niki's blog and Fiona's webpage and started to write a 'I liked your book' email before stopping. All the pieces fell together and suddenly the thought hit me that I was writing to the same person twice. So I didn't send either mail.

I pondered the issue for a while before eventually asking a scene friend that knew Niki, if she was also Fiona. Of course they didn't confirm it for me. Friends don't do that. But they passed on my suspicions and HH (who'd just started corresponding with me!) mailed and confirmed that my stalkerness had indeed guessed Niki's secret. And I was mortified. Acutely embarrassed of having been so obsessed to spot it, worried they would think I was nuts! But Niki and HH were both very forgiving and laughed that I'd worked it out.

So now we all know who is and isn't Fiona Locke!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, a nice bit of detective work.
Having read all three books, I came to the same conclusion with a little help from a friend; but I did enjoy the game; and also spread a little confusion.
I suspect that Niki enjoyed it too.
Warm hugs,

Anonymous said...

I did it enjoy it, Emma, and I was really impressed with your detective work at the time! (Still am.)

Thanks for suggesting all this wacky mischief - it's been a blast!