Monday, August 3

The great outdoors

This is The Pinnacles, a natural rock formation in Western Australia that thousands visit every year. It's also the scene of my most memorable outdoor spanking. My semi-kinky boyfriend hauled me across his knee, tugged my panties and shorts down and spanked me.

I have no idea if it was hard or how long it lasted, but I do know that I was terrified of being caught and when he eventually let me up my face was as red as my bottom!

The jury is still out on spankings in public. I hate them, but still deciding if that's hate them in a 'it's so mortifying and therefore appeals to my kink' or if I 'just hate them'. The fact I don't list it as a limit and don't safeword when tops spank me in pubic probably hints at the former. And I definitely count it as part of my discipline fetish.

But one thing I absolutely stress is the need for a warning. If I'm warned to stop x behaviour or get such a punishment and I push it then I deserve to get the spanking or whatever. It wouldn't be fair otherwise. However, if I behave then I'm clearly showing I don't want it, it's not worth it.

And sometimes whether I push it or not depends on the situation. Like the trip to a nice park with several kinky friends earlier in the summer. Continuous bratting earned me public corner time from Abel and a switching outdoors from HH. But I felt brave around so many other kinksters. Fast forward to my next visit. It was just HH and me wandering around and I was impeccably well-behaved!

I'm curious as to how do the rest of you feel about being spanked in public? Is it an absolute hard limit or does it depend on the situation?


Eliane said...

Define in public? In public as in outside, possibly OK. In public where people can see. Not unless you want a swift kick somewhere painful...
(Did I mention I'm not very submissive!)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, as I've said elsewhere I love al fresco spankings, the thrill is even better if there is a *small* chance of being observed.
My sub/bottom would have to agree.
Warm hugs,

MecIrlandais said...

Using Paul's phrase, an 'al fresco' spanking would not be out of the question but it would have to be somewhere I was visiting & secluded so that even if someone did show up there would be a next to zero chance that I knew them. Otherwise the fear would just take over & I would not be able to get into my required headspace for spanking & it would not be enjoyable at all then.

Julie said...

That reminds me of a playful discussion I've had with my boyfriend a while ago, in which I teased that I would be as bratty as I could in public to see him gritting his teeth. His response: "Oh, I would punish you right there and then." Gulp. Of course, I pretended to be horrified, but I cannot deny that I agree with what has been said here before: Spanking with a danger to be caught, preferably in a foreign city, pushes my kink button quite well.

Angie said...

Well, for non punishment spankings in public, those are just mortifyingly delicious, oh my yes.

A punishment spanking, on the other hand, under same circumtances, would be devastating. Which is why I straighten up and don't continue to push in those cases, when warned.


A.S.S. said...

An outdoor spanking certainly adds some new elements to this thing we do. Like you said, there is a certain rush of fear that you'll be caught. There is better scenery. Much more interesting than the same old bedroom. If it's at all cool outside too, being bared adds to the sting.

We've enjoyed several outdoor spankings, including some spankings at Yellowstone real recently.

The thing is, we ~really~ DONT want to be caught. Part of that is we don't want to end up in jail... lol. We also don't want to make other uncomfortable or spoil their good time. Would almost die if a family with kids were ti stumble upon us. So, sometimes we do something real quick over pants... or use a lookout. Don't really get into it unless (bare bottom spankings) unless were awfully sure we're safe. Do search out locations too.

Good question,
~Todd and Suzy

Abel1234 said...

Public 'corner' time certainly left you a far sorrier young lady than 300 strokes... Highly recommended.


Sarah Jane said...


Hi! It's my first time commenting on your blog, but I figured I'd weigh in, as I've been reading your posts for a while.

I think the idea of being punished publicly is better in a place where people wouldn't know me/may not stumble across me.

However, I don't enjoy embarrassing the people I'm with either, so in a group of people who were playful about it, that's one thing. I guess I'm saying I would want to consider the top's attitude toward it all as well, but for me, I'd rather just behave myself enough to get my spanking later!

EmmaJane said...

Hi SarahJane!

Thanks for commenting. Lvoe hearing from new people.


(BTW this is EmmaJane's blog, but Eliane's got one too!)

Milliscent said...

I absolutely adore giving a spanking where one 'could' be caught by a bystander, but a location where one would not be caught.

On the side of a deserted road where one can hear a car coming from a long way away is almost perfect.