Friday, August 28

Chasing Rainbows

Rebecca has written a wonderful post about reaffirmation and enjoying the good things in life. As she puts it so perfectly herself, she 'wants rainbow colours right now :)'

It's such a warm and positive post that I just want to hug her tight. She's reminded me that we should all be chasing rainbows.

My own mind has been far from rainbows and happy places lately. I've allowed work stress to overwhelm me, the long hours reduce my social life to a few online emails and my normal sunny disposition to a shadow of itself.

Therefore Rebecca's post was very timely and I'm going to do my best to concentrate on the rainbows. So here are some of them that are making me smile right now:

My pretty new phone, hours of fun playing with it;

The lovely dinner my flatmate made me;

HH coming to visit this weekend and all the lovely play, chatting and hanging out in store;

The mischievous plotting for the next Lowewood;

My first Regency dinner with Lord Fawcett and Mrs Derby;

Meeting up with some great friends I haven't seen in a while;

The thrill and excitement of getting to know new playmates;


the certainly of having a very warm bottom the next time I write a post!

So it's a much more positive EmmaJane heading off for a weekend of play and frolics. Thanks Rebecca!


Eliane said...

Good point. Positivity. I will try some today :-)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, happy that you have found a way to get your sunny disposition back.
Have fun this week-end.
Warm hugs,

Rebecca said...

Yay you deserve lots of lovely colours! Hope you have fun with HH and also get some nice de-stressing colours on your botttom ;-)