Thursday, August 13

But I didn't mean to say it!

Ever been in the middle of a scene and done something you didn't mean to? Now it's not like I plan my scenes in detail or think in advance what I might say. Generally I'm a girl with a name and a background and I have no idea what the top is going to give me. That's the way I like it. But usually I have some form of self preservation, especially when playing with HH. I honestly don't try to make it worse for myself, cos it's usually pretty bad already.

So we were in the middle of a scene over the weekend. Kami and I had been applying moisturiser and helping each other out to get to those hard to reach places. Of course it was only natural we were in our underwear. All would have been fine except we got a bit carried away and the moisturiser ended up in our hair, on the bed, everywhere really! And I guess our giggles were a bit loud. Well so Uncle Henry thought anyway.

He thundered into the room and before we knew it, each of us was lying across the bed, knickers down to our knees and fearfully awaiting retribution. (Neither of us were foolish enough to think he wanted to help with the moisturising!)

Hearing Uncle Henry take off his belt confirmed our fears and we huddled close on the bed, anticipating the horridness to descend. And we weren't disappointed. He was really very upset that his quiet afternoon of peace was ruined and made his annoyance clear in searing strokes across our bottoms. Very soon we were both howling and wriggling across the bed. Poor Kami got one whole set of 6 repeated because she moved out of position on the last one.

On my last set of 6, the hardest yet, I manged to stay down for 4, but they were so hard I couldn't stay still either. As I got my extras I couldnt't deal with the pain and as the 8th one landed I hissed (ever so quietly) 'fuck'. Unfortunately for me Uncle Henry has very sharp hearing and another half dozen quickly landed on my already sore bum.

But when he told me to kneel up and disappeared to the bathroom, my heart sank. I knew exactly what was coming. And I really didn't want it to. Part of me was thinking 'it's not fair I didn't meant to say it, this isn't part of the scene', but the other part of me, the half with the discipline fetish was sick with apprehension and too scared to ire Uncle Henry further.

Kami watched in horror as he scrubbed my mouth out with the icky soap. Around my tongue and in between my teeth, lecturing me the whole time. I gasped and grimaced and tried not to swallow any of it. It was so vile and all so avoidable I was almost crying from the shame of it. Luckily he allowed me to rinse my mouth out before returning to Kami and giving her another half dozen.

Afterwards as I processed the scene I was still thrilled that my natural reaction was integrated so neatly into the scene. That my naughty behaviour, whether planned or not was properly dealt with. Not that I had any other choice. 'I didn't mean to' (even if I actually didn't) is never a valid excuse in these situations!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, seems like you both got what you needed/wanted.
As for the mouth soaping, yuk, that and a caning was the punishment for swearing at the home where I was; and it wasn't a scene!
In the seven years plus I was there, I don't recall anyone swearing while being punished, I think they would have ended up in the sick bay.
Warm hugs,

Angie said...

oh very much understand! If I were to act out or swear when being corrected like you were, I'd get the same, even if it hadn't been a 'real' punishment to start with. I would be treated as I acted though.

Kami Robertson said...

It's actually VERY good I don't swear while playing LOL

I would feel sorry for you, but I know better than to think you don't enjoy the memory of it :P