Sunday, August 16


Tonight I was truly submissive and all in public. Stripped, molested, bound and beaten. He started with my mind and then took my body. I'm still trying to process it, understand it, overcome it? I'm still dazed. Need to lie down and let it wash over me. Breathe.

For that precise period of time, how long was it, 10 minutes, half an hour, an hour? Time had no meaning. I felt owned. He ordered and I obeyed. 'Kneel - spread your legs - hands behind your back - open your mouth'. Led and I followed.

Blindfolded me. Stripped me. Flogged me, all over. His fingers probed and pinched and I whimpered in pain. Bound me tight, hands high above my head, legs stretched apart, writhing in vain to escape the torture.

Took the blindfold off. Made me watch the knife scraping my skin. Looked into his eyes as he caused me pain. Looked into the faces of the onlookers witnessing my shame.

Gave him control. Forced myself to let go, to relax, to submit. Wanted to see if I could do it. Wanted to know what would it achieve.

A state of nothingness, of existing but not existing. Exquisite sense of being.

Sensations of pain. Heightened awareness, smell and touch. Underlying fear. Blind, but complete, trust. Deep subspace. Radical ecstasy. Warm feelings. More please. More.


Master Retep said...

I reckon it was the best part of an hour,and by the time I saw you, you looked like you were flying. You had a big silly grin on your face that wouldn't go away.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, you sound ecstatic, a great experience, it comes across so well.
Warm hugs,

Julie said...

I am thoroughly and completely jealous. :P Glad you had an amazing and intense time, though.

Graham said...

Yikes! Sounds beyond intense. Way to go, EJ! Enjoy the flight : )

Master Retep said...

@Graham She didn't need a flight, Dublin Bus will do grand. This is the DUBLIN scene we're talking about.

(Yes, I know what you meant, but I couldn't resist.)

Anonymous said...

I hope your awakening this morning wasn't TOO painful, LOL!
It was nice to meet you...
best wishes from bandree