Sunday, August 30

Backseat driver

We all know, or at least I do anyway, that HH is not a man to be trifled with. Even if a girl is driving her own car, in her own country, the rules of behaving herself and heeding warnings are best to be remembered. And even if she is being perfectly nice and an excellent hostess come tour guide come chauffeur, she is not immune from being punished. Alas for me I had to be reminded, the hard way!

I admit there were one or two instances when HH wasn't best pleased with my driving and he was possibly right. OK, OK he was right. I did take one or two corners a lil bit too fast. But it was more my attitude to his blatant back seat driving that was the problem. A gentle request to slow down a bit was met with my tongue being stuck out firmly in his direction. And his well meaning suggestion to keep my eyes on the road was answered by me poking his ribs.

But I finally noted the 'you're in trouble' vibe and wisely decided to behave. So when he suggested pulling over for a walk I had no reason to be alarmed. Walks are nice, walks on secluded lane ways are even nicer; so peaceful and quiet. But as we walked I noticed HH was preoccupied, looking for something. He confirmed my suspicions by shaking his head and muttering about the lack of suitable places to spank a girl.

I couldn't condole with him, being decidedly relieved. (OK, I recognised I was in trouble but at least he'd have to wait until we got home). Except as we returned to my car he he took me by the wrist, sat down on a nearby boulder and hauled me over his lap. The fact my bottom faced away from the road was not so much a blessing considering I had to look onto the road.

Mortified doesn't begin to describe my feelings and I prayed no cars would pass, knowing he wouldn't stop if one did. And even worse, it hurt. No gentle 'just making a point' spanking for me. No it was all proper, hard spanks that sounded so loud I was sure the people in the next town could hear. And if anyone was watching or passed by at that time (I honestly don't know between the hiding of head in arms and the sound of the smacking) I was a very sorry sight indeed. Kicking and wriggling over his lap tying unsuccessfully to keep my protests to a minimum.

When he let me up I was lightheaded with relief. Which lasted two seconds until he tugged my trousers and knickers down and over his lap I went again. Lecturing sternly, he smacked me until I was yelping and promising to behave.

On finally being let up I was quick to pull up my clothing, only to be reminded I had to ask permission before I could do so. And down they went once more and across his knee I went again, for another volley of smacks. The next time I was allowed up, I stood miserably in front of him until I was given permission to dress. And then buried my head in his shoulder wth the shame of what had just passed.

At this point he thought a photo would be appropriate, a fitting reminder of what happens to naughty girls who misbehave in the car. And I really had no wish to to be disobedient and incur another spanking.

So here I am, my very red bottom glowing.

And when this car passed us by my face turned a matching shade of scarlet. I'm still squirming thinking about it!


Eliane said...

OMG. I would have died right there and then.
Also, making a mental note to myself to never ever drive anywhere with HH as a passenger. If he thinks *your* driving needs comment... And we all know how well I react to anything telling me what to do in the car. Including Sat Nav!

Master Retep said...

Wasn't it lucky you're a li'l girl and it was a big boulder.

Erik said...

lovely story and a wonderful red bum.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, thanks for brightening my Bank Holiday Monday.
You take a very pretty picture dear girl.
Warm hugs,

Graham said...

ah! the evilness, the evilness! so much EVIL!

luckily I'm not allowed to drive in this country. nor is HH allowed. well, probably technically he is, but maybe I could make some sort of rule...

Henry Higgins said...

@EmmaJane: With your face buried like that, you couldn't see the people in the car smirking and pointing. Could you?

@Graham: Technically I am. And left-hand-drive cars offer many advantages. When I am in the driver's seat, I can instruct a misbehaving girl to come over to my side. I can put her over my lap and deliver a stinging rebuke without leaving my seat.

Of course your reddening bottom is on display to anyone who passes. But they will assume that you deserved it.

Napoleon knew what he was doing when he specified driving on the right.

Abel1234 said...

I so think the photo of you with the car passing should be used in an advertisement by the Irish tourist authorities - "come to Ireland, where you can always expect to see the delightfully unexpected", or something similar!

Indy said...

Well, it's a great story, and the people in the car had no idea who you were, after all. Thanks for telling it in your usual delightful way!

And I love the new look for your blog!