Thursday, August 6

Spank her here, spank her there, spank her everywhere

You'll be glad to hear that the big move is over, I'm all done. You won't have to listen to me go on about it anymore (thank fecks says you!).

Anyway I'm sitting here in my new house and seeing it through kinky eyes for the first time.

The sofa is perfect for getting strapped on. I can imagine being placed over the wide arm of it with my bottom high in the air and my head buried deep in the cushions. Or lying across the front of it over some toppy types knee. Or tipped across the back of it for a paddling. I could go on; it's a very versatile piece of furniture!

I can also see myself stretched across the dining room table for a caning. Or maybe I'd have to get up on my tiptoes to lean across the high backed chair. That would really pull my skin tight. Then there's the counter in the kitchen, the one with all the wooden utensils so handily placed atop.

The bath is also nice and wide. Lots of space for a girl to have a forced shower (cold no doubt) and inspection.

And then there's my new bedroom and its endless possibilities. Including the ottoman I bought with the exact intention of using is as a whipping bench. Its soft cushioned top will provide some comfort when I'm lying on it being thrashed. Or I could be made to kneel on it with my hands on the floor to present myself for whatever else the toppy type might do to me...

Yes a new house is full of so many opportunities for spankings!


Paul said...

EmmaJane, my wish for you is that you realise all the kinky potential of your new home. WEG
The codicil to my wish, is that you then relate them here.
I wish you all sorts of joy in your new home.
Warm hugs,

TC said...

New house, new beginnings, new adventures. How exciting!

I love ottomans. So comfy for lying over, handy to use as a toy-box and it looks so innocent sitting there in the corner of a room. An excellent pervertible.

May you have many happy & painful moments there. See ya later on for the weekend fun & games :)

Abel1234 said...

Wanna come and visit :-)

The new place sounds lovely. Lots of potential to do lots of things with lots of nice furniture to bend you over!

Master Retep said...

Sounds like you're crying out for a (house) warming party.