Wednesday, August 19

Introducing Mr Hurty

Ok so now all the angsty, processing posts are done I can tell you about Nimhneach properly! It was so lovely to be back and catch up with old friends. And I got to watch some great scenes; DommyDarco and Submissive Star's bondage play on the pony and Dick Dastardly and Chalk's very hot A Frame scene being two of the most enjoyable ones!

And of course the night was enhanced by the presence of the wonderful Eliane, even if her uniform was a DISGRACE. I could barely look at her tie!

Overall it was a fun and interesting night and I had a couple of new experiences, not just my intense submission to Zytex. I actually played four times in total and all with new people. Very cool!

Although one of these scenes was totally Elianes' fault. As I stood beside the door waiting her return from the bathroom, Calvin decided I needed to be spanked for idling. Over I went for a short and sweet paddling, but still, totally her fault.

Then later I got to do a lovely scene with Master Retep. Over his knee I went for a strapping with his short leather strap. Lovely, slow burn that I quite enjoyed. Then face down on the couch for a tawsing. This was not so enjoyable, being a very stiff implement and Master Retep confidently whacking it down. For someone who calls himself a novice he can sure swing a tawse. I was soon squirming across the couch!

But the first scene of the night was the one that left the most marks. PaulF had long promised me a beating. Ever since we first met actually, many months ago. So my hour of reckoning had come. And then he produced Mr Hurty much to the amusement of the rest of the gang. A dressage riding crop, very aptly named by Chalk as I was to soon find out.

Given that I was only in the club 5 minutes and had no warm up whatsoever, I knew this was going to hurt. And oh my I'm not sure I can even describe how it was. Burning, intense pain that tingled long after each stroke. It bit into the skin and left bright, vivid welts on my thighs and bottom that are still clearly visible and still stings as I write this. It certainly hurt and not sure I shall be lining up to play with it again anytime soon. But I think PaulF was pleased with himself!

So all in all a fun night. Although some friends were absent and certainly missed, but I'm sure I'll catch up with them next month :)


Eliane said...

1) My uniform is always a disgrace. So spank me...
2) You play with something called Mr Hurty, you deserve all you get!!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, this is a more relaxed post.
It's good that you had such fun, I agree with Eliane, if you play with something called Hurty, you are indeed going to hurty!!!
Warm hugs,

Master Retep said...

@Eliane re 1) Yes it was and I did.

@EmmaJane I like that term "quite enjoyed". I "quite" enjoyed it too. Thanks for being open enough to make friends quickly and for helping us to make sure that Eliane got a warm Irish welcome. I wasn't counting, so don't know if we made the "Cead" though not the "Mile", Failte, though I'd say we came close.

Anyone who knows my style may wonder why I have failed to comment on your previous blog post and the significant issues raised therein. As you know, these were the subject of a private eMail and I'd prefer to keep it that way. Some day, the topic may raise its head in a post of my own.

Kami Robertson said...

Yes, there are certainly some implements that should be carefully avoided LOL

MecIrlandais said...

Catching up with 2 weeks of posts, but by the time I get back to the blog there may be another 2+ weeks waiting on me.

Sounds like you really went for it this last Nimhneach, breaking new ground, again!

Would love to be at September Nimhneach but sadly looks like it will be October at the earliest.

Hope to chat soon.