Friday, August 21

Fantasy. Reality.

Young girl caught drinking underage, arrested and faces a conviction. Instead is sentenced to 6 cane strokes, administered by the prison govenor. Fantasy.

32 year old Muslim woman arrested for drinking alcohol. Fined €1,000, sentenced to 6 cane strokes and publicly disgraced. Reality.

Teenager sneaks out wearing an inappropriately short skirt. Her Uncle catches her and is very displeased. Gives her a sound whipping with his belt as a reminder to dress more modestly. Fantasy.

Sudanese journalist faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers in public. Reality.


Eliane said...

Yeah... I struggle with these issues too. Does the fact that what we fantasise about is used as a tool of terror and opression elsewhere make us awful people? I don't think it does, but I have my doubts every so often.

Paul said...

EmmaJane, yes the world we live in is far from perfect.
I believe this is an issue for all thinking people, who are not blinded by zealotry.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

he main focus of these efforts was to ensure that the implementation of whipping as a punishment under shariah would be carried out flawlessly,” the minister said on Thursday
I "love" the word flawless. Malaysian minister said that.
Religion, mu God

Spanking Catharsis said...

Fantasy can be much more pleasant and just than reality