Sunday, August 2


She hovered outside the door of his study. Trying to get up the courage to knock. She could hear him tapping away at his computer. Could imagine him concentrating hard on his task. He was always so focused in everything that he did. She wished she could be so determined. So disciplined. But then that's why she was here. He had promised her he would help her with her studies. Promised to give her the encouragement and motivation she needed to succeed. To retain her scholarship and to graduate with honours. Make her parents proud. Be the big brother she never had.

She wished she was here to share good news. She loved when he was happy with her. Like last month when she got the highest mark in her class for her history essay. He was so pleased with her and treated her to a nice dinner out. Or when she got elected captain of the debating team. Again so generous with his praise, although also reminding her not to take on too many extra curricular activities. That had almost been her downfall in her first year of college. So many distractions proved overwhelming, making her lose sight of her studies. But he had been there. Focusing her. Helping her maintain her scholarship. Keeping her grades up. Pushing her.

They had made a deal. She had to tell him when she was struggling and he would be lenient. Had to tell him when she missed classes or when she was close to missing a deadline. He couldn't help her otherwise.

She painfully recalled that first time she had missed a deadline. Not only the agony of the 12 strokes of his senior cane on her bare bottom, but the force of his disappointment. She had wept bitterly afterwards and swore to make amends. He had comforted her, promising to give her the discipline she lacked. Warning her to ask for help before it was too late or face the harsh consequences.

Of course she'd felt that cane many times since but never as hard as that first time. She learned to trust him, confide in him, and hadn't missed a deadline again. Had come close of course but always asking him for help in time and taking her punishments bravely. He was always proud of her for being brave.

His disappointment was always the worst thing. He had such high expectations of her, she hated let him down. frustrated at her own short comings. And here she was again. Going to that party at the weekend and drinking too much. A whole day of study wasted on Sunday as she recovered. And he had cautioned her to take it easy. Told her she could go, as long as she put in a full day of work afterwards. How could she tell him she'd done nothing but feel sorry for herself. That her essay due on Friday wasn't even started.

The door opened, startling her. He looked at her ruefully and invited her in, letting her know he had been expecting her. She didn't ask how, just relieved she didn't have to tell him herself. He shook his head sadly and reached for the senior cane. '18' he pronounced quietly. 'A serious reminder as you head into your final semester. I will not allow you to lose your focus now.'

He pointed to his desk and she slowly assumed the familiar position. Stretched across the top, skirt flipped up and knickers pulled down to her knees. Her heart beat faster as she anticipated the awful pain to come. She'd never had so many before, it would be impossible to be brave, to show him how sorry she was. She turned her head to look at him, fear in her eyes, pleading silently. In response he placed his hand on her back, a reassuring touch, calming her. And she knew it would be ok. He was just keeping his promise.


Abel1234 said...

This is such a great piece of writing. Really evocative, with a girl needing discipline - that's administered severely but caringly. Wonderful.

Eliane said...

That's a lovely piece of writing. Thank you for sharing!

Rebecca said...

Yum - that's lovely :-)

Paul said...

EmmaJane, there is great feeling in this, very nice, thank you.
Warm hugs,

Erik said...

What a story, what an author. More dear EmmaJane

Spanky said...

Wonderfully written! The sense of anticipation at the end was marvelous.

MecIrlandais said...

Excellent stuff, plus, leaving the rest to our imaginations, nice.

Julie said...

I loved the last line. :-) The spanking fictionverse needs more of that.

Indy said...

Oh, my, that was nice!