Friday, August 7

Poor little Piglet

This picture was sent to me as an example of swine flu getting out of hand. Of course the vanilla who sent it to me didn't really understand what he was looking at. This is clearly a representation of submission and domination, cleverly illustrated through Winnie the Poo and friends.

Note how piglet is effectively restrained in the way of shibari. An expert was obviously at work here. He's also backed into a corner, right at the edge of the table. When the animals finally advance on him he'll have no place to go, no where to hide.

I can also guess what the rest of the animals are discussing. No doubt a forced medical is about to take place and Mr Bird seems to be preparing his feathers for the very act. And surely this will be followed by a whipping of some sorts. They certainly look very purposeful, and Piglet looks very scared.

As well he should be cos Christopher Robin ain't going to save him this time!


Eliane said...

I can't decide who's more sick - the person who set up the little scene in the first place, or you for your interpretation of it!

pippin said...

that was very funny -- the picture and your interpretation! thanks for the laugh! winnie the pooh and friends will never look the same to me again. :)

Jessica said...

sick, sick child!