Saturday, August 22


As humans we are all flawed, tis the way the world works, we none of us are perfect.

And we spankos can find even more flaws than the average Josephine soap. We're not cute enough, or short enough or tall enough. We're not good at roleplay, we overact, we over-react. We're too stoic in a scene or not stoic enough. We don't play hard enough or play too hard for some people.

The list is endless and we could competitive flaw until the cows come home. But they are just normal, run of the mill flaws and I give you no sympathy for them. For I have discovered a major flaw in my spanking genetic makeup. One I'm struggling to come to terms with. I cannot understand how Mother Nature made such a deeply kinky specimen as I but left me so flexibly challenged.

I cannot bend over and touch my toes!

Yes that classic caning position where one bends over so gracefully, legs straight, knees locked, fingertips lightly resting on toes, presenting a high bottom to the cane. That oh so pure and defining picture of corporal punishment alludes me. And such a terrible failing troubles me deeply and causes me many sleepless nights.

So can anyone help me? Is there a way to make my arms longer or even my legs shorter? Am I doomed to never hear the order of 'bend over and touch your toes' and be able to comply?


Erik said...

Lovely Emma A good cane can compensate for that. LOL Have you chosen not to be serious?

Paul said...

EmmaJane, hands on knees is a very satisfactory caning position.
Not forgetting all positions possible over furniture.
No sympathy for you, you poor flawed spankee! WEG
Warm hugs,

Eliane said...

I gave you sympathy last night!!! Oh wait, I might have laughed at you.
But now I have inspiration for another post, so thank you.

Viola said...

Aww. I always claim that I can't touch my toes, but nobody ever believes me. I don't know how you can grow your arms or anything, but I bet my cheerleading coach could flexible-ise you. *And* he's kinky ;-)

Julie said...

My solution is: Gorilla arms. :P Also, I am more than sure you have countless kinky attributes to make up for that. ;-)

Spanking Catharsis said...

Eludes, not alludes. Seriously though, stretching exercises are all i can think of for that one :)

Zille Defeu said...

Yes, stretching exercises, but more specifically, yoga.

The toe-touching position is an integral one to the practice of yoga -- and in a class you learn all sorts of way to ease yourself into it. (F'r'instance, try touching your toes right now. Then straighten up, suck in your tummy, and try again. Look -- your fingers are a bit closer to the ground! And this doesn't change whether you are skinny or plump, works for everyone!)

The more yoga you do, the more flexible you get. When I am lazy about my yoga practice, it gets to the point where just getting my finger tips on the ground is a "stretch" (haha), however, if I keep at it regularly, I can easily put both palms flat on the floor!

Your mileage may vary, of course, but regardless of how far you can get, I assure you that you can get to touch your fingertips to the ground, in a sturdy and graceful manner, by taking some yoga classes, and after you learn how to do it, taking a moment every day to touch your toes -- it takes but a minute in the morning when you get up, or on your lunch break to stretch out your back from sitting.

Abel1234 said...

>I cannot bend over and touch my toes!

... "In which case, young lady, you will have to be tied to the whipping bench".

Sounds like a solution to me :-)

Haron said...

What Zille said. If you feel this is a flaw, yoga will do it for you.

If you don't feel it's a flaw after all, hands on knees will be good enough!