Wednesday, August 5

A place for everything and everything in its place

I'm fed up of moving things! Not just packing them up and transporting them but this whole business of finding new places to put everything. At the moment most of my toys, e.g. the canes etc are under my bed, which is really no way to treat them. But they'll have to stay there until I decide where to home them.

The smaller toys aren't so much of a problem. They go in my beside drawer and any idiot silly enough to look in a girl's beside drawer deserves to be shocked by what they find!

I'm thinking of hiding my kinky books on my bookshelf amongst all my boring academicy titles. Once they'd see 'Fundamentals of Project Management' or '7 habits of highly effective people' they'd get bored and stop browsing.

And I've also decided to sod it and hang my uniforms up in the wardrobe (albeit at the back). Rolling them up in a ball in a drawer just leaves far too much ironing to be done before school. (Caoilfhionn is fussy about her uniform!!).

Although some items were a pleasure to sort and put away. Like my large collection of knickers, which I still haven't counted. But I spent a good half hour arranging them in the drawers. Firstly I folded them neatly and then divided them into the following bundles:

cute and/or frilly day knickers (coloured);

cute and/or slightly frilly day knickers (white, I have lots of these cos I love white knickers!);

cosy night knickers (used to be either of the above but have been downgraded);

sexy night knickers (when I have someone to entertain, if he'll let me wear knickers that is);

functionals (no line, flesh coloured yokes for wearing with a posh frock);

thongs (when I can't get away with wearing any of the above).

Hmmmm obsessive, me???


Paul said...

EmmaJane, fascinating, not something a man usually sees, but definitely not TMI. LOL!!!
Warm hugs,

Julie said...

I'm jealous. :< Everybody has great knickers, and I am stuck with perhaps 10 I can actually wear and no money to indulge in buying an abundance of them. Life's not fair.
Also, when I'll move, I might need to hide a few kinky drawings away, but not much else. Makes things easier, at least. :P