Sunday, August 9

Love your bum

I got scolded by HH for neglecting my bottom. Ironic really coming from he who enjoys turning it to various shades of red and purple. A scolding that came just after he had hairbrushed me until my bottom was a deep scarlet and then strapped me til it was mottled all over. So after inflicting all that damage it was almost incredulous that he would give me a lecture on looking after it!

Except he's right of course. I haven't been looking after it properly. Not enough moisturising or tender care. I let it get burnt on holidays and have barely put any lotion on it after a shower. Let alone intensively caring for it every day, like every spanko should.

The lack of such attentions results in very dry skin that flakes and breaks easily when playing. Most toppy types don't like to break the skin. And I don't particularly like it either. But even more so I don't like the possibility of a scene being cut short because while I and my bottom can handle the pain, my skin can't.

So HH was right to pull me up on it. And by that of course I mean pulling me over his knee and spanking me for it!


Eliane said...

Oh the irony..! He does have a point, though.

catherine said...

Can I recommend Bio Oil? Bloody expensive, but *so* worth it!

Paul said...

EmmaJane, HH is right of course, but it does seem a little ironical.
Warm hugs,

Henry Higgins said...

Surely everyone knows that cocoa butter has to be spanked in to be effective?